ATTENTION: Anyone Who Thinks It's Too Hard, Too Confusing, Or Too Expensive To Awaken Spiritually …

Discover the Simplest Method for Spiritual Awakening and getting in touch with the deepest aspects of yourself …

So You Can Experience Enlightened State of Being with Ease!!

The Wonder Method™ Makes It Easy for Anyone Awaken Spiritually ...

Even If You're Not "Spiritually Advanced" .


There's great freedom when you learn how to experience awakened states of being. And if you're like most people, you'd probably love to be able to do that … but there's a huge problem. Getting in touch with the deeper aspects of yourself seems hard.


First, you have to know that there's nothing you need to do in order to be enlightened … and that's often overlooked. Then you have to figure out how to "not do." How in the world do you do that??? Do you just do nothing? Haven't we been doing nothing this entire time? How does that work? And what if I can't "not do" anything???

Those are just some of the questions I had when I first discovered the principle behind spiritual awakening.

So, I did what anyone would do … I turned to the Internet.

The Limitations of Google


Unfortunately, the Internet didn't help much …

While I was able to get an overview of spiritual awakening, I wasn't able to find the do-this, do-that, step-by-step guide I wanted.

Which was annoying because I wasn't interested in spending hours on end trying to figure this stuff out.

I also didn't want to sift through tons of useless information.

Of course, that's exactly what happened …

I'd spend hours clicking one link after another, trying to get to the "good" stuff.

Before I knew it, I'd have dozens of browser tabs open, and half my day would be gone.

Worse still, I'd be more confused than I was before I started!

It seemed like the people who wrote articles about this kind of stuff couldn't agree on anything.

… one person would claim you need to practice a specific technique with a guru.

… then the next one would say it just happens to you out of the blue; you can't will it on your own.

And so on …

It was super-frustrating.

Even worse, now I had adopted a ton of limiting beliefs and viewpoints about all sorts of spiritual stuff and I just couldn't make sense of it!

After coming across conflicting advice more times than I could count, I started paying more attention to who was actually offering the advice.

What I discovered left me dumbfounded.

Most of the so-called spiritual "experts" have little-to-no real-world experience.

Either they:

  • teach what some else has told them with LITERALLY no proof whatsoever OR

  • they talk about theoretical fantasy stuff that sounds cool but has no application in your daily life OR WORSE

  • they have a ton of untreated issues, yet they try to help you with yours when they should really be working on themselves!


… making them unqualified to give anyone this kind of advice.


Which is why, in my opinion, you can't trust a lot of what you read online about spiritual awakening.

Most People Give Up On It


I wish the problems I experienced when I first started out were unusual, but they're not.

Virtually everyone who wants to experience the process of awakening goes through something similar.

Along the way, most of them decide the process is too:

  • Difficult

  • Confusing

  • Frustrating and

  • Time-Consuming


That's why plenty of really well-intentioned people give up on their dreams of spiritual awakening.

It's not that they CAN'T do it … they can.

It's just a huge pain to figure out all the details when you've got little free time and bills to pay.

I totally understand that because I went through it all myself.

And while I *did* manage to make sense of it eventually, it took:

  • More years than I care to think about,

  • Some not-so-safe experiments with dubious "substances",

  • Plenty of disappointments, and

  • A lot of confusion and conflicting beliefs until it finally clicked.


The good news is that you don't need to go through that, because I'm about to share with you the absolute easiest way for you to experience full spiritual awakening.

And I'm not talking about levitating and becoming a Buddha, living somewhere up in a mountain. I'm talking about practical, applicable, day-to-day awakening. The stuff Eckhart Tolle writes about but applied to your daily life.


Or as Jack Kornfield would put it: "After the Ecstasy, the Laundry"

That's why I urge you to read this all the way through to the end … the information I'm about to share has the potential to be a huge game-changer for you.

But before I get to that, allow me to introduce myself.

About Me

2020-12-30 14_39_50.004+01004 copy 2.jpg

Hi, I'm Janvier Sabates.

That story I just told you took place when I first began my self-development journey ... way back in 2007. So, I was pretty young and had acquired "unearned wisdom" as Jung would put it. 

Since then, I've studied dozens and dozens of self-help techniques and alternative healing modalities--everything from Past-Life Regression Hypnosis, to life coaching, to countless energy healing modalities … until my all-time favorite modality found me, The Wonder Method™.

This method basically brought me all the way back to what I "discovered" in 2007, but this time it came with a framework and a philosophy for me to use it properly.


This knowledge has been a defining point in my life and since then, I've dedicated my life to helping clients and students experience spiritual awakening on an ongoing basis by themselves! No shortcuts! (to be fair, The Wonder Method™ is so fast, you don't even need a shortcut!)

As a result of my success, I've been able to do things in my life that I never dreamed were possible, like:

  • No longer identifying with my mind

  • Dealing with any emotion on the spot

  • Experiencing life fully while experiencing the ever-changing path of awakening in the present moment

  • Removing all limiting beliefs holding me back.


While I'm thrilled with what I've managed to accomplish, I'll admit that presence was a real struggle at first.

In the beginning, I had no idea what I was doing, and I didn't have anybody I could ask if I was doing it right. Simply because nobody around me had reached that level.

I had no idea how to focus my attention away from my thoughts and onto my true self. This requires entering the word of complex and subtle emotions and not one thought is associated with that.

That all changed when I came Alain Herriott and The Wonder Method™. It's an honest to God miracle that someone managed to figure this out AND find a way to teach it.

Thanks to him, I have experienced the process of spiritual awakening and I've got the techniques that got me there down to a science.

I'm now aware of what's going on inside me at any given moment and what to do with this information.

Still, I haven't forgotten how hard it was when I first started out.

Back then, I really wished there was some kind of instruction manual—something I could turn to that would show me step-by-step exactly how to be fully present.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about The Wonder Method™.


It's designed for people like you … people who want to experience enlightened states of being but don't know how to get started or think it sounds too hard.

The Wonder Method™ is your easy, step-by-step guide for spiritual enlightenment, getting in touch with emotions, and living a life of ease..

And, because I coach every single student one by one throughout the live course, it even works if you don't know the first thing about meditation or inner awareness.

In fact, by the time you get to the end of it, you'll have opened up a whole new world inside yourself that you never knew was there!!

That's because my course teaches you how to awaken by shifting your awareness. Wanna get over anger and frustration? It's in the course. Interested in stepping away from them mind at will? Yep, that's in there too. Want to live life on the path of awakening? You'll also learn how to experience that.

In the The Wonder Method™, I show you the easiest ways to:


Experience the process of awakening


Get in touch with your true self


Heal yourself and heal others


Live in the present moment

My course leaves nothing to chance—if there's an issue you want to work on, I teach you how to unwind it.

But that's not all.

In The Wonder Method™, you'll also get my secret strategies for saving a fair bit of time (and money) along the way. Simply because it works so fast and can replace many of the subconscious coping strategies you're using right now.

That's why my course is designed to help you succeed, even if you have very little:

  • Money

  • Time or

  • Experience


For instance …

Did you know you can emotional and physical issues in less than a few minutes??

Yep, you read that correctly.

You can go heal emotional, physical and spiritual issues in mere minutes … IF you use the secret time-saving tactic I teach in my course.

Plus, I even show you an easy method for relaxing yourself into deep meditation or simply the waking present moment with literally no effort.

It’s so amazing that I promise you it works even if …


  • You’re not a master meditator (you can be)

  • You don’t think you’re any good at dealing with heavy emotions (you will be)

  • You worry you don't know the slightest thing about how to awaken (I’ll show you)

  • You think spiritual awakening is only for a select lucky few (it isn’t)

But relaxing into the present moment and deep meditation isn't just easy to experience—it can also unwind the issues you're currently facing. Take the first exercise I teach you, Breathing. It takes literal seconds to experience properly. Yet, it has unimaginable depth and is a complete 180 to anything you've experienced prior!! Imagine being able to enter a deeply meditative state at any moment … That's a real possibility IF you follow the blueprint I give in my course.

And it's not even a breathing exercise, you literally just breathe as you're breathing right now, at a normal rate.

But The Wonder Method™ doesn't just teach how to breathe and feel relaxed.

With my course, you'll also learn super-easy methods for healing physical, emotional, and spiritual issues too.

Spiritual Awakening Unlocks Your True Amazing Potential & Is Much Simpler to Experience Than You Probably Think

With The Wonder Method™, I'll also show you a 4-step emotional processing technique … so you can go even deeper into any issue you may be experiencing in your life.

Even better, none of these methods require you to be some kind of Zen Monk. I'm not a Zen Monk by any stretch of the imagination. Yet, I've managed to experience spiritual awakening, using the same straightforward methods I teach in the course. I'm not kidding when I tell you that these methods are so easy, you'll feel confident by the end of the course that you can successfully deal anything life throws at you in the present moment … even if you have no prior experience or tried and found it too hard.


And not only will you feel confident you can do it, you'll probably want to jump at the chance once I tell you about The Wonder Method's insane health benefits. But if you don't, no worries—I'll also show you how to heal other people too. Yes, this is a complete 360 method to help you in ALL aspects of your life, physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual enlightenment.

You Can Start Feeling What Others Are Feeling... And Unwind Their Issues For Them!!

People are always surprised at how I guide them when they're learning to process their emotions during the spiritual awakening process. For instance, did you know you can feel what others are feeling at any given moment? You can, and in the course, I walk you step-by-step through the entire process. Even better, you'll learn how you can start helping them sort out their issues immediately … without having to know how or why or when the issue first appeared because spiritual awakening is also about becoming a healing presence. Better yet, this works not only on emotional issues but also on physical issues and spiritual blockages they may have. Sounds too good to be true, right? Lots of people think you can only feel your own emotions. Not so.

For instance, when you see someone yawning, it also makes you want to yawn. As a matter of fact, I'm sure just reading this, you want to yawn, right? What about "contagious laughter"? Or "contact highs"? Or "mob mentality"? Ever notice how easily you can get swept up in someone else's drama? That's because we ALL naturally tune in to each other's feelings; we just don't know how to control it.

Think of it like this.

If you tried to tackle a paint-by-number kit without knowing which color went with each number, it would be pretty hard.

Next-to-impossible even.

But if you had the key—showing you which color went where—imagine how easy it would seem.

Heck, anybody could paint a nice picture with the key, regardless of their skill level.

The same thing is true about spiritual awakening.

Try to do it on your own, and it's confusing and overwhelming … like tackling a paint-by-number without the key.

But have someone give you the key, and what a difference.

Suddenly, it all seems super-easy.

That's because it IS … when you have someone to show you the ropes.

You Don’t Need to Be an Empath to Succeed


Now, at this point, some of you might be thinking ...

The course sounds great, but am I really capable of doing this?

Don't I need to be more in tune with myself and years of practice to be present??

Allow me to answer that.

First, the people who already are, are NOT better than you. They're not naturally gifted, they don't come from a "better" gene pool, and they aren't just lucky. The only difference between you and them is that they have information you don't. This course levels the playing field. It gives you straightforward, no-fluff information—based on my years of self-development and emotional processing—so you learn step-by-step what you need to do to be successful. The course was designed with someone like you in mind—someone who's never done this before and needs a blueprint that'll break it all down for them.

There's nothing I teach in The Wonder Method™ that you can't do.

You’ll ALSO Learn how to no longer identify with your mind


I don't just show you how to process your emotions in the course. I also teach you the link between the mind and body—so you can be aware of what's really going on inside you! Of course, to do that, you have to understand where these issues are coming from in the first place. Meaning, you need to shift your perspective and become aware of the real source of your problems.

That's why I included an entire module on limiting beliefs in The Wonder Method™.

In that module, I reveal the entire philosophy behind The Wonder Method that has made me live a life of ease and comfort. Because you might be surprised to hear this, but I don't attribute my success to simply processing my emotions. While that's helped, it's my view of how the world works (or lack thereof) that really kickstarted the awakening process. Understanding HOW issues begin in the first place is key to living a successful, unlimited, stress-free life.

And that's the kind of stuff I'll show you in The Wonder Method™.

Honestly, this information is so powerful, it has the potential to transform your life, just like it did mine.

Commit to Your Success Today


Right now, you're reading this because there's something you want more of.

Either you want more money … or you wish you had more time … or you'd like to feel a greater sense of pride about your accomplishments.

You can have ALL those things with The Wonder Method™.

Imagine that for a moment.

What would change for you if, right now, you committed to creating a better future for yourself by following the exact steps I outline in the course?

Could you start manifesting your life without even needing to visualise or repeat endless mantras?

Yeah, actually—you could.

In fact, you'd be surprised if you knew how attainable that goal actually is.

Because there's even a manifestation tool in The Wonder Method™. In fact it's integral to the process, you can't NOT manifest.

That's why living of life of ease and comfort is not unreasonable—at all.

A whole new world opens up for people who know what they're doing—and you'll be one of them once you take my course. Imagine being able to control your own destiny—to carve out the future you want for yourself, rather than passively accepting what you think you're worthy of. Because let's be honest—no one is harder on yourself than you are.

But the potential to shift your perspective and free yourself from your own mind is just part of the equation.

You Can’t Put a Price on Enlightenment


A lot of people go through life, subject to their emotions. Reacting from one thing to the next and acting on what they're feeling, no matter how destructive it may be for them. Even worse, those emotions often make them do things they don't even want to do!

Frankly, it kinda sucks.

If you can relate to that scenario, I've got news for you.

Spiritual awakening is the best cure I know of.

Before I started working on myself, my life was chaotic. No matter how much I tried, my emotions always had the last word. Now, I wake up feeling excited every day… because I know how to flow WITH life instead of fighting against it. Plus, it feels great to know how to stop needing to control every aspect of your life … I can accept whatever shows up and see it as an opportunity to get to know myself better rather than an obstacle preventing me from enjoying life. Even better, my external world has changed to support the new balanced inner world I've created for myself. As I said, you can't put a price on these things, which is probably why this simple technique has such life-changing possibilities. Folks, my course shows you step-by-step how to get in touch with your true self, deal with whatever bothers you and go with the flow in the present moment, so you can experience the lifestyle I just talked about.


Think about that for a minute.

In a year’s time … imagine what your life would be like IF you followed the exact same steps I teach in the course.


You could have…

  • unwound most if not all of your difficult memories

  • become more aware of your inner world

  • changed your inner world and doing so changed your outer world

  • lived a year of unimaginable excellence

  • been much more in tune with your intuition and empathy

  • helped others manage their issues with no effort

That scenario isn't a pipe dream.

I've experienced all these things since I've learned about The Wonder Method™.

You can, too, by putting the information I teach in the course to work for you.

So, Let Me Tell You More About What You’ll Get With The Wonder Method™

It consists of a 6-week, live online video course divided into major 4 modules:

  1. Breath with Wonder

  2. Emotional Processing

  3. Healing Others

  4. Viewpoints and Limitations

So, let me reveal just some of what you’ll learn with The Wonder Method™:

  • Hands-down, the absolute EASIEST WAY to awaken

  • My super-simple spiritual awakening method that works for anyone … even if you don't think you can!

  • Experience commonly heard tropes such as the present moment or unity with all things, for real. Not just as concepts in your mind!

  • The easiest way to unwind your issues in MINUTES … so you can start living a life of ease immediately.

  • There is nothing you need to do in order to awaken; it happens naturally-almost as a side affect-as you experience The Wonder Method™

  • Develop and manage your empathy

  • Why deepening your intuition and inner guidance is much simpler than you think

  • The best way to discover a whole new dimension of yourself, where the mind cannot go

  • A successful, easy method to become a healing presence for others … that works for virtually ANY issue.

  • Experience first-hand millennia-old wisdom found in practices such as Taoism and Buddhism. Ever read Eckhart Tolle? Ram Dass? Alan Watts? This is the direct experience of their teachings!!

  • Not a single extra belief is added in order for this method to work flawlessly

  • How to awaken to your true self, beyond all limitations … even if you know NOTHING about any of this

  • My highly effective, 4-step emotional processing method is designed to help you connect with your true self—so you can start living the way YOU want

  • A tool for everyday life that is 100% practical. This isn't some woo-woo theory, you will experience EVERYTHING first hand

  • One-to-one personalised guidance of what your actually feeling inside you and how to improve your technique


That's just a sneak peek of some of what you'll learn in my The Wonder Method™—the course covers way too much to list here.

Plus, in addition to the 6-week course, I've also included them in MP3 format … so you can download and listen to the lessons on your way to work, at the gym, or even in the shower.

As you can see, The Wonder Method™ comes with everything you need to be successful.

There is literally nothing else on the market that'll take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do to awaken spiritually and be fully present.

But don't just take my word for it.

Check out some of the amazing results people have gotten with the The Wonder Method™ (emotional):

When I was decided to teach this course, I had two options.

There is literally nothing else on the market that'll take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do to awaken spiritually and be fully present.

  1. The first was to skimp on the value by keeping the course super-short and charging less money. Basically putting it online and not giving you the crown jewel of the method: the coaching.

  2. The second was to teach the course exactly as Alain taught me, emotional coaching and all, so you have the absolute greatest chance of duplicating my success.


I chose the second option, because I really want you to succeed. This is more that an online course for me, it's a calling. I genuinely believe this course is the next step in our human evolution.

And the best way I know to help you do that is to share with you everything I've learned about spiritual awakening over the years, so you have all the same know-how I do.

Of course, that meant I had to spend many, many months transcribing, correcting, adapting and fine-tuning all 6 lessons for this masterclass, and then I had to practice my coaching skills, over and over again.

But at the end of it all, I'm super-proud of this course.

It's the most comprehensive spiritual awakening course you'll find on the market today (if you find something better, please let me know, I'm honestly curious).

My masterclass teaches you spiritual awakening from A-to-Z to experience presence in your daily life PLUS it'll show you how to heal yourself and others from an emotional perspective. And probably best of all, this is a self-awareness modality. You're essentially getting a Ph.D. in YOU!

So let's talk about how you can get started with the course.

I'm offering The Wonder Method™ for just one easy payment of 297€.

That's almost nothing compared to what I think it's really worth. I'll be honest with you, I genuinely think this course is worth 20x times that amount, 5970€... If not twice that, 11 940€.

Meaning that you're getting each lesson for less than 49€ – that's less than what you probably spent the last time you went to a spiritual seminar or online class.

And unlike the cash you dropped on that woo-woo teaching, the money you spend on The Wonder Method™ is an investment FOR LIFE. Actually multiple lives because if you apply the teaching, you will impact those around you on a daily basis.

You're investing a small amount of money now, so you have the means to create a better life for yourself and others.

This is the absolute lowest price I can offer this course, simply because when I tried to offer it for less, Alain, the founder, sent me an email asking me to raise my prices! So in honor and respect for him, I literally can't go any lower. That said, there are some discount codes floating about the internet, if you know where to look ;) (or if you ask kindly)

Let Me Tell You Why An Investment In This Course Is So Important ...

Some of you reading this right now…

  • Know this course will teach you how to fully awaken to presence,

  • Know you can be really successful at this and transform your life, and

  • Most importantly, KNOW that unless you put money on the line today, you probably won't follow through with this--even though it's the absolute easiest way to achieve the inner freedom and well-being you've been craving all this time, and I don't say this lightly. Yesterday you said you'd do it tomorrow, didn't you?


Sound familiar?

If so, I urge you to invest in The Wonder Method™ today.

There is only NOW, this is literally the only actionable moment because "later" is only a concept in the mind. How many things have you bookmarked or saved for later and never came back to?

That investment will give you 297 reasons to take this course seriously and make it work for you, so you CAN have the life we talked about earlier.

A life of true spiritual awakening and emotional freedom where you'll wake up looking forward to today's adventure and every "obstacle" will become an opportunity for you.

After all, you already know you can succeed with this—you just need a push so you'll follow through.

297€ is a great push.

It's a way of saying to yourself, "I'm committing to my success. I'm putting money on the line because I know I'll make this work if I have skin in the game."

I know so because I offered it for free when starting out and some students didn't take the class seriously. As soon as they paid up, that's when they really got value out of the course. That said, others begged me for my paypal at the end of the course because they just couldn't accept such valuable information for nothing. 

Plus, you have absolutely nothing to lose by doing that because I'm offering a 30-day 100% risk-free guarantee.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Try The Wonder Method™. Take the lessons and apply what you learned. If you don't love the course, just let me know within 30 days of starting the course, and I'll refund every penny of your money. No questions asked. No hassles, no fine print, no funny business. That's how confident I am that you'll love this course.

So, I know I’ve covered a lot here today … let me just quickly sum up what you’re going to get with The Wonder Method™:


Breath with Wonder
Learn the quickest way to relax into your body and step away from the mind, to enter the formless, thoughtless dimension inside of you. Plus, discover how to easy it is to achieve deep states of meditation. So deep it even impressed Buddhist monks practicing Vipassana meditation.

Emotional Processing
If you've ever thought dealing with repressed emotions was too "tough" to tackle, think again. With my step-by-step guide, I show you the easiest way to enter the realm of emotions, so you can learn how to gently unwind them … day after day as they show up.


Healing Others
Helping others with their emotions is easy as can be once you know what you're doing. In this module, I teach you how to become a healing presence for those around you and those far away... in minutes!

Viewpoint and Limitations
Learn the timeless wisdom imparted by many spiritual teachers such as Eckart Tolle, Ram Dass, Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Maharaji, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi or Alan Watts. In this module, I'll show you how to successfully apply these teachings right away. Then, I'll teach you how to experience them in your daily life, so you no longer need external help with your inner issues.

And if you think living a life on the path of awakening will be hard, especially if you're surrounded by people who are fully asleep, then I've also got you covered.

Again, you get all this really valuable information for a small one-time investment of 297€.

And again, if you're not satisfied for any reason--any reason at all--I offer a full 30-day, no-questions-asked same-day refund.

Try The Wonder Method™, and if you don't like it for any reason, you don't pay a penny. And it's not like I'm refunding an online course that I'm not actively involved in. I'll be spending my time and expertise coaching you personally in class. So every refund is potentially a loss for me. But so far I haven't issued a single refund, that's how happy students are with the method.

Alright … NOW is the time. Literally


There is absolutely nothing else on the planet that will take you by the hand and show you the exact steps you need to take to process your emotions, heal yourself, become entirely self-aware, and heal others from an emotional perspective.

But you have to act now (when else can you act anyway?).

So, to get started, click the "Book Now" button below, enter your details, and you'll reserve a spot for the next online The Wonder Method™ class.

Let me tell you why it's important you do that right now …

These classes are tiny. 5 students max, because I want to spend as much time as needed with every single one of you so I know you've got the technique right. If I could teach giant classes of 1000+ students, I would but it's impossible because I need to guide each and every one of you.

You'd think such a constraint would make the price skyrocket but I priced it to be as affordable as possible for everyone.

But if Alain decides to up his price and all his instructors have to follow suite, I can't promise that if you come back later, you'll still be able to get The Wonder Method™ for just 297€.

So again, start today by clicking the "Book Now" button below and entering your details—you'll then booked into the next The Wonder Method™ class.

You have one of two options:


1. Ignore this and keep doing what you’re doing.

Continue letting your mind and your emotions get the better of you but do nothing about it. Keep letting your thoughts tell you it's just too hard to do. Basically: Stay Asleep.




2. Make a small RISK-FREE investment in your future. 

Learn step-by-step how to awaken from someone who's successfully experienced it. Use my expert tips, tricks, and strategies, so you can easily start living a more balanced life … while experiencing more freedom, flexibility, and fun, doing something you enjoy.

So, start NOW by clicking the "Book Now" button below and entering your details.

Once you do, you'll booked into my next The Wonder Method™ class.

Try it for yourself and see how valuable the lessons are. Learn how to quickly experience full presence and manifest a stress-free life today.

THEN decide if the class is worth it to you.

If you decide it isn't, just let me know and I'll refund 100% of your money.

You literally have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

All I ask is that once you start living life on the path of awakening after taking The Wonder Method™, you shoot me an email and let me know ;)

I love hearing how my masterclasses have changed people's lives—it's one of the most rewarding things about what I do.

Thanks for your time!

I can't wait to show you how easy it is to apply this method, to process your emotions and heal yourself so you, too, can experience the awakening.


Janvier Sabates

Instructor, The Wonder Method™

In all The Wonder Method™classes I teach, I will do my utmost to teach you to perform the techniques to the best of my ability. However, I can not guarantee that you will have success, I can only assure you that I will do my best to teach you what I have to offer. The rest is up to you.

Though The Wonder Method™ is highly effective in promoting maximum health and healing through alternative holistic means, it may not be sufficient intervention for some health related issues or concerns. Because The Wonder Method™ may accelerate healing, please work closely with your physician to monitor your need for medications. Information contained in this site is not given or intended to be a substitute or replacement for qualified medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The owner(s), developer(s), and maintainer(s) are not engaged in rendering professional or medical advice. Please take responsibility for your own health.


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Energy healing promotes harmony and balance within, relieving stress and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable and effective complement to conventional medical care.

Spiritual Awakening in this context is sustained awareness that your thoughts are separate from your core self and is an undefined evolving awareness of self in the present moment, not and endpoint of something to achieve. It's a shift in perspective in developing awareness of ego processes.


Regarding classes, please note:

  1. They are strictly confidential.

  2. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone.


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